Pan American Federation of Medical Schools


The Pan-American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools (FEPAFEM), is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1962, in Viña del Mar - Chile. With more than 650 affiliated medical schools, its main orientation is to promote the development and improvement of medical education in the American Continent.


Promote quality in medical education in the manner that it impacts health, through academic, research and extension activities.


Contribute to the leadership in Medical Education in the American Continent, through the promotion of an educational system, and a culture of quality for health professionals, in the benefit of the population.


It was officially constituted in 1962 in Viña del Mar, Chile, exclusively as an academic and scientific institution, whose purpose is to contribute to the improvement of medical education in the Americas. It is composed of 13 National Associations of Medicine Faculties in the American Continent ,11 individually affiliated Faculties, as well as associate members that meet the requirements established in the Statutes. The Executive Directorate is located in Caracas since January 1, 1976.


1Research the critical factors in Medical Education and Health Sciences.

2Promote the different activities carried out by affiliate or related institutions.

3Advise its members to improve the quality of their graduates, in order to meet the minimum international requirements for accreditation.

4Work with National Associations, Faculties of Medicine and Public and Private Institutions dedicated to education and health care, through programs, seminars and other activities that are jointly developed.

5Stimulate the harmonization of Continuing Medical Education activities carried out by affiliated and related institutions.

6Maintain and develop the Center for Information and Documentation in Medical Education and Health (CIDEMS), to promote knowledge in the field of medical teaching and medical research

7Diffuse relevant information related to Medical Education.

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